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-of cleo; (no) crosswalks by jgrimsrud
Saturday, 10 October 2009, 22:48
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we’ve written about our neighbor, and her car-vs-pedestrian accident on the newly-traffic-lighted (replacing an old light w/ a whole new rig) but as-of-yet-un-crosswalked corner of highway 42.  i noticed this sign the other day:IMG_9851

seems that as our neighbor rehabs from her serious injuries, she’s lost a home to hope to return to.  of course, tragic things happen–we sure don’t see an easy answer (i think most people are aware of the health care issues in the u.s.a. today, some may know about the lack of senior and lower-income housing, and i hope people have a sense of the horrible state of foot & bike transportation infrastructure in harrisonburg–see safe routes to school post from before).

but it’s hard to see a friend’s stuff waiting for big trash day.


and i still can’t help thinking that civic dollars were wasted & priorities were misplaced when harrisonburg funded this new light.  it’s less visible than the old one when you’re standing at the corner, hoping to walk across:

IMG_9850 if i, as an able-bodied guy, get a run-for-my-money from motorists when i try to walk around this town, i can’t imagine that stories like cleo’s are as rare as they should be.

is the city planning around accessibility issues?  is the new council thinking about pedestrians, bikers, seniors, the disabled, etc.?  i do know some citizen organizers who are working around these issues–more soon on that front, so stay tuned.


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There was just a well-attended meeting on Harrisonburg’s now-being-revised Bicycle and Pedestrian plan. Details:

So yes, the city does have accessibility on the radar, though I don’t know lots about the specifics, or the plan’s merits. The State should do its own independent analysis.

Comment by Andrew

thanks for the tip, andrew. yes, someone should report on this, someone w/ said reporting experience….

Comment by vastate

Cleo’s story is sad. Insult to injury. Makes me wonder how many of the foreclosures in this area are health-related like hers. Found it ironic that this post showed up above several entries for Harrisonburg Forclosures blog in the sidebar of hburgnews.

Comment by Brent Finnegan

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