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-of columbus day by vastate
Monday, 12 October 2009, 15:04
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happy columbus day.
Democracy Now! | Radio and TV News

I think that the non-Indian people must understand why the Indians are in the state of affairs that they’re in. It’s not because they’re lazy, ignorant, inferior, stupid or anything. Chances are that if an Indian kid makes it these days, it happens because of some lucky accident.

. . . But I wrote [“Now that the Buffalo is Gone”] not to make anybody mad, but to kind of acknowledge the fact that a lot of people who are part Indian really would like to know and would care, so again and again it says “you, dear lady, and you, dear man.” You know, it’s trying to explain something to people who don’t usually get to know anything about Native American stuff, because you never hear about Indian people. The only time you hear about Indian people, like, for instance, Wounded Knee, you know, when Nixon was president, what you’d see in the media was, you know, some Indian with a gun, you know, who was defending their land against, you know, things that shouldn’t be going on.

amy goodman had a conversation with buffy saint marie–
also known as one of the people who used to bring genuine content to kids’ tv:


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