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Wednesday, 28 October 2009, 14:22
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our family is wild about donuts.

there are entire, multi-generational traditions built around donuts.

i once took a chunk out of a charlottesville krispy kreme (r.i.p.) driveway in an attempt to obey the command of the “hot donuts” sign.


we made sure to be best friends with people who lived next door to top pot in seattle.


we go to mennonite relief sales expressly for the homemade fried dough.


in short, we have a long-term serious commitment.

we’ve written about this passion before on the state. i’ve griped about how, around here, gas station donuts are as good as it gets.

and then there’s carpe donut.


granted, it’s not in harrisonburg.  but the drive to charlottesville is a small price to pay for a good donut.

and hardly noticeable when you are journeying to this:

Tender and steamy on the inside…slightly crisped on the outside…..dusted with crunchy melty cinnamon sugar…..and infused with the mellow sweetness of apple cider.

and making the whole deal even sweeter:

We start with organic flour, organic eggs, local apple cider, and organic spices. Add pure sugar and non-aluminated baking powder and now you know all the ingredients. We cook all our donuts in 100% pure soybean oil. No hydrogenation, no trans-fats, no shortening. We always advise our customers to refrigerate the donuts if they are not going to eat them within a couple hours. They won’t last on the shelf for a week like those “things with holes” at the grocery store…Finally, all oils used to fry the donuts are being converted to environmentally friendly biofuel at the end of their frying life.

ummm.  yes please.

others recognize the power of the donut.

the blue moon diner in c’ville does up a nice little dessert with carpe donuts.  it involves ice cream and chocolate and whipped cream.  and grilled donuts.  otherwise known as the grillswith:


(this photo is from a fabulous and newly discovered blog devoted to donuts.  check it out.)

now.  carpe donuts represents the cute, trendy, organic, environmentally-friendly delicious donut.  classic they are not.

for a real potato flour classic, served to you as well as a number of grizzled regulars, you must go here:


adored by all, this is spudnuts.

as per the cvillian:

Spudnuts has been around for a long time. And by long time, I mean when velociraptors used to hunt small wild pigs and T-Rex’s ruled the United States. In other words, Spudnuts has been open since 1969 at 309 Avon Street. It has kicked so much ass in the last 40 years or so, in fact, that both Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Doughnuts left town.

The doughnut has a distinct feel to it. Maybe it’s the off white glow of the lighting, the smooth colors of the furniture and decor, or maybe it’s just the people. Spudnuts feels eternal, in a good way. The menu, with its giant Pepsi logo reminds you that this place is about doughnuts, no more, no less.

you know.  the options over the mountain are not bad.

anyone in harrisonburg want to open a sweet little donut bus?  i would be first in line…


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I LOVE donuts and you’re right, there’s no good place to get one in Harrisonburg. I remember a former co-worker stating that Shank’s wasn’t a real bakery because they don’t have them. Mr. J’s makes a pretty good one, but just one flavor.

I do know of a restaurant that is considering trying the burger on a donut.

Comment by Emmy

What, no mention of Voodoo Doughnut? 🙂 I’m a big fan of Spudnuts in Cville. And maple doughnuts at the Highland County Maple Festival!

I bet a Krispy Kreme would do well in Hburg. Do you guys remember the stand-alone Dunkin Dounuts that used to be in Harrisonburg? I think it went away in the 80s. (There was also a doughnut shop in the Clover Leaf shopping center just a few years ago.)

P.S. I wonder why no restaurants in Hburg have a grillswith on their menu?

Comment by Josh

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