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– of drinking in the fall. by vastate
Thursday, 29 October 2009, 17:25
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so.  jason from downtown wine & gourmet is a busy fellow.


it took some seriously annoying behavior on my part to get him to give me input on fall drinking.

but – lo and behold – i got an email full of alcoholic information yesterday.  he states:

o the threats, manipulation, and strong-armed tactics have finally pinned me against the wall of my iniquities.

fall drinks of choice would be:

coffee / breakfast stouts – stouts brewed with coffee are a splendid fall beverage because they are hearty, satiating, and the addition of coffee adds not only a fantastic component to the flavor profile, but also a little pick-me-up.  breakfast stouts utilize coffee as well as oatmeal as the primary grain. this leads to an even richer and more decadent beverage.  delicious!

pick: Founders Breakfast Stout & Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast (awesome website/label by the way)



cider – really, is there a fruit that carries more of a fall-time connotation than apples?

pick: Samuel Smith Organic Cider, Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouche Brut de Normandie (again with the great label)



mead – mead is a beverage using honey as the sugar which fuels the fermentation.  Its origins are lost in prehistory; “it can be regarded as the ancestor of all fermented drinks,” Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat has observed, “antedating the cultivation of the soil.”[5] Claude Lévi-Strauss makes a case for the invention of mead as a marker of the passage “from nature to culture.”[6]  It can be consumed right out of the bottle, but it is also delicious mulled.

pick: Lurgashall English Mead


red wine – the possibilities are endless…

pick: jason refused to even try to pick…go bother him at downtown wine & gourmet for more specific suggestions.

happy autumnal drinking, friends!


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attaboy… I would have to second, third and fourth his view on cider. there is nothing quite like a true hard cider and other fall fair. try it with crepes!!!

Comment by David T

[…] remember this guy? […]

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