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-of dinner by vastate
Monday, 23 November 2009, 12:07
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research shows that i should head over to t & e meats and get some of that pasture-raised beef (and maybe some chicken and hot dogs out of the polyface farms freezer).

utne: eating meat for the environment

here i go!


-of the season (w/ drinks) by jgrimsrud
Friday, 20 November 2009, 23:03
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i sincerely hope that we have plenty of posts in store to honor holiday-season drinking.  but this first note is to encourage our local readers to head over to kroger (if you’re in harrisonburg; otherwise, give them a call at 540.721.2045, and set up a tour while you’re at it) to get your own bottle of homestead creamery’s eggnog.

on a related note, your eggnog purchase makes for a great excuse to pick up a bottle of wasmund’s on your way home.

here’s to you, wirtz and sperryville, virginia.

and speaking of homestead, check out the shout-out in this thanksgiving article over at edible blue ridge – incidentally, written by the one and only andrew jenner.

now that’s coming full-circle.


-of the season (w/ movies!) by jgrimsrud
Thursday, 19 November 2009, 19:36
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tis the season: cold, gray, & early to dark.

now’s a great time to work through a long netflix queue,  & i’ve had some documentary-film moments lately that i’d like to share.

-of feeling surprisingly good about not living in subtropical climates, specifically florida:

mule skinner blues

-in which beanie andrew, amateur filmmaker, conceives and creates a “low-budget” horror film.  a great, funny/scary take on the human condition, the artist’s condition, etc.  featuring some of the most compelling documentary characters, most from a trailer park near jacksonville, florida.

watch the trailer here.  and speaking of characters:

-of true believers:


kids do the darndest things, i.e. “give the devil two black eyes.”

-it’s about a child preacher-prodigy who’d like to enjoy the rush of communal religious experience w/out the fire & brimstone–in short, a tragedy.

and for marjoe gortner fans, when you comin’ back, red ryder.

and finally,

-of paradise!

attenborough in paradise and other personal voyages

-an addictive set of movies by bbc innovator & naturalist david attenborough.

in my favorite scene, a young david & his film crew visit a hostile group of island natives, and win documentary access, so long as they wear native garb–basically a crew of young brits hiking around in loincloths, trying to stay professional.

it’s always great to find something my 3-year old & i can agree on; thank you david attenborough!

so, here’s to fending off that seasonal affective disorder.  good luck!

what are your picks?


– of uncorking the beaujolais. by vastate
Wednesday, 18 November 2009, 20:20
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remember this guy?

well, the dapper wine fellow has a message for you:

Join us on Thursday the 19th of November as we celebrate the release
of the 2009 Beaujolais Nouveau! Downtown Wine and Gourmet will be
hosting a FREE wine tasting of several producers’ nouveau wines
beginning at 5:00pm and going until 7:00pm. Then head over to
Clementine for a FREE Beaujolais Nouveau release party which will
begin at 8:00pm in the lounge! The event will include Beaujolais
Nouveau for sale by the glass and music from DJ Neals Barkley! So join
the global celebration and keep the tradition alive!

A few fascinating facts about Beaujolais Nouveau:

*Beaujolais [BOE-zjoh-lay] Nouveau is always released the third
Thursday of November, regardless of the start of the harvest.

*All the grapes in the Beaujolais region must be picked by hand. These
are the only vineyards, along with Champagne, where hand harvesting is

*Gamay is the only grape permitted for Beaujolais Nouveau. While
certain California wineries may label their wine “Gamay Beaujolais”
this is not the same grape variety as what is grown in France, and is
quite different in taste and growing habits.

*Beaujolais Nouveau owes its easy drink-ability to a wine-making
process called carbonic maceration – also called whole berry
fermentation. This technique preserves the fresh, fruity quality of
the wine, without extracting bitter tannins from the grape skins.

*Beaujolais Nouveau is meant to be drunk young. In average vintages it
should be consumed by the following summertime after its release.
However, in excellent vintages the wine can live longer and can be
enjoyed until the next harvest rolls around.

Speaking of excellent vintages, Georges Dubeouf (one of the most
renowned producers in Beaujolais) is ecstatic about this year’s
Beaujolais harvest, predicting it one of the best Beaujolais vintages
in the last 50 years. He says, “The grape bunches are small with a
fine purplish black color, and are exceptionally rich in sugar. The
berries are thick, and the seeds are a gorgeous amber color, a sign of
perfect phenolic maturity. Their brightness, intensity, and above all,
their perfect health are something to behold. We have not seen
anything like this for a long time.”

Another bit of information which I think is important is the fact
that, unlike some previous releases, the 2009 Beaujolais that we
feature will be shipped by boat, not by air, to reduce the carbon
footprint of shipping the wine.

why would you dream of missing out?

high drink-ability, turntables, and a sense of global togetherness…

what a way to start the holiday season.

we’ll be there.

– of co-op homes. by vastate
Wednesday, 11 November 2009, 15:55
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you’ve probably heard the news by now:

The future site of the Friendly City Food Coop will be 150 E. Wolfe St, between the downtown Harrisonburg Post Office and Kline’s Dairy Bar!


The old Mick or’ Mack store?  That’s right – it will be so great to have a grocery store there again!

this concrete development is pretty exciting, especially since much of the frustration we’ve heard in the community centers around the previous ambiguity of the co-op project.

hopefully, the community can help the co-op break the tradition of frequently-rotated, bizarre businesses that have occupied this building (anyone remember the era where gimpy limos would drop folks off at harrisonburg’s “dance club” located at 150 E. Wolfe?  or the tanning salon? or, most recently, the scary gym?)


now, those folks who said they would gladly roll up their sleeve and volunteer time and resources towards getting a site location ready for opening have opportunity staring them in the face.

but.  before any painting or cleaning, a party is apparently in order.


the details:

You’re Invited to the Friendly City Food Coop “Carpe Diem” Party-in-the-Parking-Lot!

Nov. 14, 4-7pm in the parking lot of the FUTURE STORE!

here’s a big list of ways to help celebrate:

Help Before the party:
1.  Join Deb on Thursday or Friday, any time between 8am and 5pm, to help clean the building, set up, prepare goodie bags, etc..

Help At the party:
** The FCFC has a budget for this event.  If you can provide the food needed but would like to be reimbursed for the expense we are happy to do so!  Please provide an estimate of cost and bring receipts or an invoice to the party.
2.  Provide soup for 50 people (4 volunteers needed).
3.  Provide beverage for 100 people (4 volunteers needed).
4.  Grill.  Bring a portable grill and cook up some great smells and tasty food for 25 people (4 volunteers needed).
5.  Provide finger desserts for 25 people (3 volunteers needed).

6.  Bring several extension cords, splitters, and tape, and run power to a mic and lights.
7.  Bring a boom box and provide music.
8.  Decorate!  Lights, balloons – whatever inspires you (2-4 volunteers needed).

9.  Provide bubbles.
10.  Provide frisbees, nerf football, other outdoor fun.
11.  Provide face-painting.
12.  Play music!  We will have an open bandstand, but it would be really great to know that there are a few folks lined up and planning to play (1-10 songs each).

so, there you go!  have at it…

make this co-op a success.

starting next saturday.

-of local music (11.9.09) by jgrimsrud

tuesday (11.10.09)

the blue nile – oceans spilling over, yours for mine, mirrorcage – 8pm all-ages $3/$5

clementine – dj neals barkley – 9.30pm

wednesday (11.11.09)

the blue nile – kruschty rye ergnot, max ochs, big drum in the sky religion – 9pm

thursday (11.12.09)

the little grill – open mic – 8.30pm

the blue nilemas y mas, corsair, new rock church of fire – 9pm

clementinethe jeff coffer mu’tet – 8pm $10

friday (11.13.09)

the little grill – parks & driver (steve & bob) – 8pm

clementinedj williams projekt – 9pm $7

the blue nile – dj kimsey (hip hop) – 10pm

saturday (11.14.09)

the little grill – charlie king & karen brandow – 8pm

the blue nile – trees on fire, pelicanesis, adventures of felix, jake (of tenderhooks) – 9pm

clementine – jill andrews (the everybodyfields) – 9pm $8

sunday (11.15.09)

the blue nile – adam arcuragi, tba – 9pm

monday (11.16.09)

the southern (charlottesville) – langhorne slim – 8pm $8/$10