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-of the season (w/ movies!) by jgrimsrud
Thursday, 19 November 2009, 19:36
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tis the season: cold, gray, & early to dark.

now’s a great time to work through a long netflix queue,  & i’ve had some documentary-film moments lately that i’d like to share.

-of feeling surprisingly good about not living in subtropical climates, specifically florida:

mule skinner blues

-in which beanie andrew, amateur filmmaker, conceives and creates a “low-budget” horror film.  a great, funny/scary take on the human condition, the artist’s condition, etc.  featuring some of the most compelling documentary characters, most from a trailer park near jacksonville, florida.

watch the trailer here.  and speaking of characters:

-of true believers:


kids do the darndest things, i.e. “give the devil two black eyes.”

-it’s about a child preacher-prodigy who’d like to enjoy the rush of communal religious experience w/out the fire & brimstone–in short, a tragedy.

and for marjoe gortner fans, when you comin’ back, red ryder.

and finally,

-of paradise!

attenborough in paradise and other personal voyages

-an addictive set of movies by bbc innovator & naturalist david attenborough.

in my favorite scene, a young david & his film crew visit a hostile group of island natives, and win documentary access, so long as they wear native garb–basically a crew of young brits hiking around in loincloths, trying to stay professional.

it’s always great to find something my 3-year old & i can agree on; thank you david attenborough!

so, here’s to fending off that seasonal affective disorder.  good luck!

what are your picks?



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Kudos on the Marjoe recommendation! That’s an awesome film! If any local folks would like to borrow my DVD for a group viewing, please get in touch. 🙂

Another fine film along the same lines…

Elmer Gantry (1960)

I have that one too. I’ve been thinking about donating these copies to the library.

Comment by Josh

to which film does that poster belong?

Comment by Movies

it’s a shot of beanie andrew, star of ‘mule skinner blues,’ in front of a disco ball, in a zombie gorilla environs–basically sums up the film!

Comment by vastate

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