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-of health reform; kids’ stuff by vastate
Tuesday, 15 December 2009, 15:41
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this morning, i was (again) disappointed to hear the latest on congress’ limp-wristed attempts at health reform, and (again) wished pain & suffering on joe the leiberman (ny times story here on how joe is now fighting a medicare expansion he himself suggested; bbc reporting here on real health-care comparisons internationally).

later, my 3 year old and i were watching a schoolhouse rocks collection, and i was (again) shocked at some of the propagandistic schlock they put on that show!¬† specifically, “i’m just a bill”:

i still have a huge soft-spot for blind melon’s cover of “3 is the magic number,” but when it comes to the health care debate and what it shows of our dear nation’s political process, i hope the kids are studying the simpsons,

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and not cute bits of historical revision (school house).


– of christmas parades. by vastate
Friday, 4 December 2009, 21:57
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just got back from the harrisonburg holiday parade.

the best parts:

1.) the Turner Ashby marching band bass guitarist – complete with un-uniformed amp-puller at his side.

2.) the rocktown rollers. and the fact that they were so refreshingly out of place amidst the SUVs and farm mobiles.

3.) whichever float was playing “sweet dreams are made of these” – evoking sweet memories of bigger, gayer parades.

4.) the weird, circa 1954, animal costumes dug out of some local government basement. the resident 3 year old vote went to “the pooping bear” whose strangely placed tail unfortunately led to potty thoughts. i love vintage tact.