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– garden considerations. by vastate
Friday, 8 January 2010, 9:54
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i received the following in the mail over the past week:

which got me thinking about trying to make a garden that produces more than microscopic peppers, lazy spinach, tough corn, and bacterial wilt.

yes.  the more i think about it, our first attempt at a garden last year was pretty much dismal.  i’ve been in denial, but with the exception of the snap peas, which were harvested mostly by sneaky neighbors “just trying to help us out”, our garden sucked.

we started too late.  ordered seeds because “they were pretty”.  ran out of money to properly fill our raised beds with dirt and compost.  got horse poo that was too fresh.  ignored the garden in favor of spain for a month in june (kind of an important month…).  called our garden guru too late to stop the plague that killed all hopes of fall pumpkins.  put gigantic half-barrels full of could-be beautiful herbs in front of the dryer vent.

so – this year – in the spirit of growing things like babies and vegetables, i really plan to do a better job.

i just want some beautiful tomatoes.

and loads of spring spinach.

and some hot hot peppers.

and maybe a few more things…like the onions we planted last fall and forgot where we put them.  and gobs of kale.  and okra – god, i love okra -. and those melons and cucumbers and pumpkins – i want to resurrect them from their blighty graves of last year.

in my most idealistic moments i imagine digging in the dirt with a tiny baby in a sling and a big three year old planting seeds beside me.

but maybe i’ll be nursing a fussy baby in an unseasonably cold april wind while my preschooler eats worms and johan hurts his back trying to move the too large herb containers away from the dryer vent.

either way – sounds like a plan to me.


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we’d love to come help you prepare the soil and plant this spring! seeing as we don’t have our own yard and all… that and the little bundle of joy you’re expecting 😉

Comment by matt & susan

According to my mother, when I got pneumonia when I was five, it was for doing things like Elias is doing in that picture….

Comment by Boss

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