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Wednesday, 13 January 2010, 15:56
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a friend recently divulged her thoughts of opening a new bakery in downtown h’burg…

do you know what a great idea i think this is?

perhaps shank’s wouldn’t agree – but i personally think there are too many baked goods in the world for one bakery to handle.  harrisonburg needs to graduate from being a one-bakery town.  (sorry, panera definitely doesn’t count.)

in anticipation, i’ve been remembering the baguette sandwiches at the bread peddler in olympia, wa.

especially this one:

Ham and Comté

The traditional Parisian baguette sandwich. Thinly shaved honey smoked ham, paired with Comté, an aged cheese in the “Swiss” family, Garnished with dressed mesclun.

and, i’m drooling over the goods at lovejoy bakers in portland (never been, but wish i could):
especially this adorable deliciousness:
What do you get when you cross a butter cookie with delicate egg bread?  The unusual looking beauty above.   My Shortbread topped Brioche came to me, like many of my other creations, during the magic hours of middle-of-the-night baking.  Try one.  They’re very popular with people who prefer their pastries not too sweet.
and dreaming of a place right down the street that serves up something like these:
i hear that the first order of business for my friend is to perfect the almighty cinnamon bun.  after that, she’ll move on to the more mundane details of opening up a new store.  but not before.  this is a girl who has her priorities straight.
i’m excited.  are you?

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Jill, thank you! 🙂 Tomorrow I’m experimenting in chocolate cake…with stout in the batter, real icing, and a thick smattering of crushed pistachios, walnuts and sesame seeds on top.

Would like to bring you cinnamon rolls one of these mornings!


Comment by Rachel Herr

ew. I always forget how smileys show up like that!

Comment by Rachel Herr

during intermenno I lived in a small village in Germany, and every morning before work I would walk the 5 blocks to the village bakery for fresh rolls for breakfast and a loaf of bread if needed. I dream of the day this is once again a reality. sigh…

Comment by David T

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