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– of first aid kit. by vastate
Saturday, 6 March 2010, 13:26
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we’ve featured them before singing this:

and still find them endearing.

those scandanavians.

what can i say.  i have a weakness.


– of macrock puzzle. by jhumphrey
Friday, 5 March 2010, 10:53
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just wondering…

if macrock is is scheduled to happen april 2-3, and only 20 bands have been announced/alerted that they are officially on the bill, how do the organizers expect this thing to fly?

are bands expected to hold the weekend “just in case”?

seems like most bands plan ahead – like more than 3 weeks ahead – for a major event.

i bet that back in the day, you didn’t wait around to inform fugazi, elliot smith, and sufjan stevens that they were invited to perform.

what’s up, macrock?

we really look forward to feeling like harrisonburg is cool like austin once a year.  it’s been good times in years past…

here’s to hoping that it’s just your website that is a little slow this year…

-of shopping synergy by jgrimsrud
Monday, 15 February 2010, 15:44
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i made my regular visit to kroger, mainly to get a new round of homestead milk (i miss the eggnog!), and of course the impending-doom-panic of a snow-inspired grocery run.

the $2.00 bottle deposit may be offputting to some, but not only do i believe it to be worth it, but the bottle return cash i get at the front desk leads me & my 3-year-old across the parking lot to goodwill.  with a few milk bucks in my pocket, we’re set to score some toys & books.  today’s crop included:

two mini coopers, one eric carle book about cats,

a recycled frisbee,

and some amazing books.

(today, i believe the Lord would gather his flock around the water cooler.)

i was thinking of using the latter as freebie giveaways for preacher’s show on wxjm live this thursday night (streaming here). 

but we’ll see if i can bear to part with them…

– of dance entertainment. by vastate
Thursday, 21 January 2010, 18:12
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the most requested video around these parts today:

gregory hines, sammy davis jr., tap dance-off…does it get better?

well.  along dance-theme lines, this was also popular among the 3 year old set:

isn’t that soundtrack (to 1985’s white nights, featuring mikhail baryshnikov, helen mirren, gregory hines, and a pre-blue velvet isabella rosallini) fantastic?  sort of a passionate russian tom waits.  it’s vladimir vysotsky.  here’s more of the bard:

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010, 23:47
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this week has been red letter for podcasts.

(isn’t that all bloggity of us to push other crazy new-fangled computer media on you?)

however, if you’re feeling nervous, take comfort in knowing that both of these audio suggestions lead directly to new books…

1.) god we love patti.

check out fresh air, terri gross, and patti smith.

2.) and we think michael is damn straight.

now, go directly to on point, tom ashbrook, and michael pollan.

– of music tonight. by vastate
Thursday, 14 January 2010, 15:22
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come on out tonight…

-of local music (11.9.09) by jgrimsrud

tuesday (11.10.09)

the blue nile – oceans spilling over, yours for mine, mirrorcage – 8pm all-ages $3/$5

clementine – dj neals barkley – 9.30pm

wednesday (11.11.09)

the blue nile – kruschty rye ergnot, max ochs, big drum in the sky religion – 9pm

thursday (11.12.09)

the little grill – open mic – 8.30pm

the blue nilemas y mas, corsair, new rock church of fire – 9pm

clementinethe jeff coffer mu’tet – 8pm $10

friday (11.13.09)

the little grill – parks & driver (steve & bob) – 8pm

clementinedj williams projekt – 9pm $7

the blue nile – dj kimsey (hip hop) – 10pm

saturday (11.14.09)

the little grill – charlie king & karen brandow – 8pm

the blue nile – trees on fire, pelicanesis, adventures of felix, jake (of tenderhooks) – 9pm

clementine – jill andrews (the everybodyfields) – 9pm $8

sunday (11.15.09)

the blue nile – adam arcuragi, tba – 9pm

monday (11.16.09)

the southern (charlottesville) – langhorne slim – 8pm $8/$10