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– of wine tasting responsibility. by vastate
Friday, 5 March 2010, 11:06
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as if you needed another reason to go to downtown wine & gourmet’s wine tasting tonight:

College wine tastings can prevent alcoholism among pupils, believe French advisers

the theory being that controlled wine tastings can prevent binge drinking.


so, for the good of our community, it is your duty to attend the wine tastings each week.


5-7p tonight!


– of bakeries. by vastate
Wednesday, 13 January 2010, 15:56
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a friend recently divulged her thoughts of opening a new bakery in downtown h’burg…

do you know what a great idea i think this is?

perhaps shank’s wouldn’t agree – but i personally think there are too many baked goods in the world for one bakery to handle.  harrisonburg needs to graduate from being a one-bakery town.  (sorry, panera definitely doesn’t count.)

in anticipation, i’ve been remembering the baguette sandwiches at the bread peddler in olympia, wa.

especially this one:

Ham and Comté

The traditional Parisian baguette sandwich. Thinly shaved honey smoked ham, paired with Comté, an aged cheese in the “Swiss” family, Garnished with dressed mesclun.

and, i’m drooling over the goods at lovejoy bakers in portland (never been, but wish i could):
especially this adorable deliciousness:
What do you get when you cross a butter cookie with delicate egg bread?  The unusual looking beauty above.   My Shortbread topped Brioche came to me, like many of my other creations, during the magic hours of middle-of-the-night baking.  Try one.  They’re very popular with people who prefer their pastries not too sweet.
and dreaming of a place right down the street that serves up something like these:
i hear that the first order of business for my friend is to perfect the almighty cinnamon bun.  after that, she’ll move on to the more mundane details of opening up a new store.  but not before.  this is a girl who has her priorities straight.
i’m excited.  are you?

– of co-op homes. by vastate
Wednesday, 11 November 2009, 15:55
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you’ve probably heard the news by now:

The future site of the Friendly City Food Coop will be 150 E. Wolfe St, between the downtown Harrisonburg Post Office and Kline’s Dairy Bar!


The old Mick or’ Mack store?  That’s right – it will be so great to have a grocery store there again!

this concrete development is pretty exciting, especially since much of the frustration we’ve heard in the community centers around the previous ambiguity of the co-op project.

hopefully, the community can help the co-op break the tradition of frequently-rotated, bizarre businesses that have occupied this building (anyone remember the era where gimpy limos would drop folks off at harrisonburg’s “dance club” located at 150 E. Wolfe?  or the tanning salon? or, most recently, the scary gym?)


now, those folks who said they would gladly roll up their sleeve and volunteer time and resources towards getting a site location ready for opening have opportunity staring them in the face.

but.  before any painting or cleaning, a party is apparently in order.


the details:

You’re Invited to the Friendly City Food Coop “Carpe Diem” Party-in-the-Parking-Lot!

Nov. 14, 4-7pm in the parking lot of the FUTURE STORE!

here’s a big list of ways to help celebrate:

Help Before the party:
1.  Join Deb on Thursday or Friday, any time between 8am and 5pm, to help clean the building, set up, prepare goodie bags, etc..

Help At the party:
** The FCFC has a budget for this event.  If you can provide the food needed but would like to be reimbursed for the expense we are happy to do so!  Please provide an estimate of cost and bring receipts or an invoice to the party.
2.  Provide soup for 50 people (4 volunteers needed).
3.  Provide beverage for 100 people (4 volunteers needed).
4.  Grill.  Bring a portable grill and cook up some great smells and tasty food for 25 people (4 volunteers needed).
5.  Provide finger desserts for 25 people (3 volunteers needed).

6.  Bring several extension cords, splitters, and tape, and run power to a mic and lights.
7.  Bring a boom box and provide music.
8.  Decorate!  Lights, balloons – whatever inspires you (2-4 volunteers needed).

9.  Provide bubbles.
10.  Provide frisbees, nerf football, other outdoor fun.
11.  Provide face-painting.
12.  Play music!  We will have an open bandstand, but it would be really great to know that there are a few folks lined up and planning to play (1-10 songs each).

so, there you go!  have at it…

make this co-op a success.

starting next saturday.

-of local music (11.9.09) by jgrimsrud

tuesday (11.10.09)

the blue nile – oceans spilling over, yours for mine, mirrorcage – 8pm all-ages $3/$5

clementine – dj neals barkley – 9.30pm

wednesday (11.11.09)

the blue nile – kruschty rye ergnot, max ochs, big drum in the sky religion – 9pm

thursday (11.12.09)

the little grill – open mic – 8.30pm

the blue nilemas y mas, corsair, new rock church of fire – 9pm

clementinethe jeff coffer mu’tet – 8pm $10

friday (11.13.09)

the little grill – parks & driver (steve & bob) – 8pm

clementinedj williams projekt – 9pm $7

the blue nile – dj kimsey (hip hop) – 10pm

saturday (11.14.09)

the little grill – charlie king & karen brandow – 8pm

the blue nile – trees on fire, pelicanesis, adventures of felix, jake (of tenderhooks) – 9pm

clementine – jill andrews (the everybodyfields) – 9pm $8

sunday (11.15.09)

the blue nile – adam arcuragi, tba – 9pm

monday (11.16.09)

the southern (charlottesville) – langhorne slim – 8pm $8/$10

-of the concert calendar 9.19.09 by jgrimsrud
Saturday, 19 September 2009, 13:46
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hello there; the occasional concert calendar is back!  (thank you finks, of the nile, for the nudge on this one.)

saturday (9.19.09)

the blue nile (state-sanctioned)polite sleeper, trees on fire – 9pm

franklin’s wine bar – pants for bears – 9pm

thursday (9.24.09)

the little grill – open mic – 8.30 pm

friday (9.25.09)

the blue nile – valkyrie, ahleuchatistas, kill your brain – 9pm $4

finks says: valkyrie rides again threw the nile to rock your face off. from asheville, nc, ahleuchatistas has been blowing people away with their technical guitar skills for years. the only band from 2009 rock lotto still together, kill your brain is one of our favorite bands to have at the nile.

the little grill (state sanctioned)mild winter, jonathan vassar – 8pm

clementine cafe – shannon whitworth – 9pm $5

saturday (9.26.09)

the farmers’ market (harrisonburg) – open jam – 10-12noon

clementine cafetuff lion – 9pm $5

plan ahead…

9.27.09 – the blue nile – drink up buttercup, song suns, mask queen, pan galactic straw boss – 9pm $4
(finks says:) drink up buttercup will be gracing harrisonburg on their way back from cmj in nyc.  come check out their sweet  psych-retro sound that will make you wanna dance.  nathan (of shapiro)’s side project song suns has been straight rocking the nile with every apperance; don’t miss them!  carl shapiro will be unveiling his new side project called mask queens: retro low-fi fun.  pan galactic straw boss is a newer band from the virginia beach area.  expect epic soundscapes.

9.29.09 – the blue nile – trees on fire, the gills, skunk ape funkescape – 9pm $4

-of the concert calendar 7.26.09 by jgrimsrud

a special thank-you to mark finks (the man w/ the plan behind blue nile’s harrisonburg musical renaissance), & dan easley (the musician & poet from the shakes, etc.), who both sent us valuable calendar information this week.

sunday (7.26.09)

the oasis gallery – open jam – 6-8pm

monday (7.27.09)

the artful dodgerpreacher, bryan elijah smith – 8pm

tuesday (7.28.09)

the blue nile – peter & the wolf, the wolfgang – 9pm $4
doulble the wolf! -finks

wednesday (7.29.09)

the blue nile – perkaise, nelly kate, billy (of roanoke’s wading girl) – 9pm $4
perkaise is an amazing folk band from philly. and this will be nelly’s and billy’s first solo shows in h’burg since they both left their bands. -finks

the little grill – old-time jam – 7-9pm

thursday (7.30.09)

friday (7.31.09)

the blue nile – gull, whatever brains, the invisible hand, the alphabet –  9pm $5
macrock kids come back with a slamming summer show for the nile.  the first of many macrock-sponsored shows coming up at the nile.  it’s the very first h’burg show for the alphabet, which is hometown hereos matt leech (american tourist) and harper holsinger’s (kill your brain) new band. -finks

fridays on the square (harrisonburg) – midnight spaghetti & the chocolate g-strings – 6pm

clementine cafethe donna jean godchaux band w/ jeff mattson – 9pm $10

saturday (8.1.09)

the farmers’ market (harrisonburg) – open jam – 10-12noon

the little grillelephant child, buck gooter, spirit fingers, sun spiders – 9pm

the pub – swampdawamp – 9pm

plan ahead…

george jones – the charlottesville pavillion – sat aug. 8 – 6pm $35-50

– of inspiration. by vastate
Friday, 17 July 2009, 18:11
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the state of inspiration is slow.

i am in a post-vacation fog.



i’m reading flannery o’connor.

everything that rises

eating garden bush beans whipped up a la alice waters.

simple food

having spirited debates regarding downtown harrisonburg over g&ts while fighting off summer mosquitos.

gin and tonic

waging a war against tiny little cat-food-loving ants.


staging 3am debates with libertarians about national healthcare, unions, immigration, and war.


constructing massive matchbox car parking lots and destroying them dino-style.


spatchcocking chickens.  (thanks to this guy:)

all for you.

just wanted to let you know that i’m working on it.